Author Carol Gibson
Life's Realities
Carol Gibson
Stand up, take notice, the poems in this book aren't your typical sugar-n-spice, candy coated version you're accustomed to. They won't make you feel all warm and cozy inside. My poems come from the streets, the news, talk shows, and yes, some even from the workplace. They're from true life events and happenings. They might seem like they're from the wrong side of the tracks, but in reality, they're everywhere.

My poems take you from any neighborhood or town who has internet access, behind closed doors, to Wall Street, and right up to Washington. Reality is everywhere and we all get hit with it, some each day of our lives.

Yes, my poems are real, but the format is as soft as they get. You'll be able to relate to some and say "Yes, how true!" I hope I have in some way expressed myself the way I meant to and in no way offended anyone. Peace be with you all........My prayer each night.
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