Authors Joe and Marisa Moris
The Bible Speaks, Book I
by Joe and Marisa Moris
Modern day spiritual teachings explained to us by the authors of the New Testament. This is the best of both worlds… Religion and Spirituality! "The Bible Speaks" series has filled the gaps that I had in my faith due to questions I have asked and never received. -- Marisa and Joe

What would you do if?

You had an out of body experience and met an angel on the other side that told you that it isn’t yet your time to go?

You suddenly were given the ability to see and hear Jesus?

Your father was a devoted Christian and Bible enthusiast who is being told by his pastors that speaking to the “other side” was evil?

Jesus introduced you to his “friends” and then said to write his and their words down in order to bring them to a 21st Century world?

Would you?
Think you are going crazy?

Go against the teachings in the Bible that condemns those who speak to the “other side”?

Just dismiss it all and follow the advice of your pastors to pray so that you don’t see Jesus?

Or would you write Jesus’ words down and put them into a book?

Marisa had an out of body experience after having a seizure while driving in 2008. She met an angel that looked just like her. Marisa pleaded to her angel: “I don’t want to go back there”, but her angel said no. She told Marisa that she still had much to do. Not long afterwards Marisa began to have visions…much like the Prophets and other characters of the Bible had. Soon after that she was able to communicate openly at will with the angels and guides and even Jesus.

Marisa and her father Joe, a devout Christian, were being told by his pastors that anyone claiming to have the ability to communicate with the “other side” was evil. Trusting his daughter instead, Joe decided to start taping and transcribing the sessions that Marisa was having with “The Other Side". Joe asked the questions and Marisa channeled the answers. From those first sessions in 2012 came Answers Heaven Speaks. 

Now comes Answers The Bible Speaks. Two years in the making, there are five books featuring Jesus and the New Testament Authors. Book I features Matthew and Mark. Book II features Peter and John (including Revelation). Book III features the good friends Luke and Paul who each had never met Jesus in the flesh. Book IV features Jesus’ earthly brothers James and Jude and Book V is a one on one interview with Jesus.

Marisa is not a religious or biblical person which makes these books even that much more astounding. Through her special abilities we now come to know the personalities, opinions and lives of the Authors as well as that of Jesus. Jesus also tells us that the readers of these books will understand the Bible better now and say things like ‘Oh, that is what they meant’ and ‘Oh, that is why they wrote that’ Jesus further promised that he and each of the characters in these books will literally be with the reader in spirit as they read their words.
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  The Bible Speaks, Book II
Joe and Marisa Moris
At the end of our first taped session into learning about the Pyramids and other mysteries of the Earth and the Universe, I asked Marisa if I could question Jesus about Paul, the New Testament author. We were astonished when Jesus obliged and appeared to Marisa. I then asked Jesus, “Did Paul write his thirteen epistles in the New Testament from his heart.” Jesus said "Ask him yourself;" whereupon Paul ap-peared. The response Paul gives surprised us. You can read it in his and Luke’s Book III in this series. After hearing from Jesus and Paul, Marisa and I decided to change the book from Earth’s Mysteries to interviewing the New Testament authors instead. There are five books. Book I features Matthew and Mark; Book II Peter and John; Book III Luke and Paul; Book IV James and Jude and Book V is a one-on-one interview with Jesus.

Throughout this process we interviewed Jesus a lot. He gave us several new parables. In one of these parables, Jesus says that we are all diamonds surrounded by coal. The diamond is representative of the Spirit that resides in every living person. The coal symbolizes the influences of the dark forces that effect us in our everyday life. Jesus says that it is the goal of the Spirit to chip away at that coal until our diamond shines through and becomes a beacon of light to others.

For those who know Marisa, you know that she may be one of the last persons that you would approach to discuss the Bible which is what makes these “Authors” books even more astounding. In this series we come to know the personalities of the New Testament authors and surprisingly this all comes through Marisa. I just ask the questions. 

Jesus told us, "People will understand the Bible now and say things like, ‘Oh, that is what they meant,’ and ‘Oh, that is why they wrote that.’"

Each of these author accounts in The Bible Speaks series reads much like a novel. Even more, Jesus promises that he and each of the characters in these books will be with you while you are reading their words... He promised! So, Enjoy!!
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  Answers, Heaven Speaks
Joe and Marisa Moris
Through 100's of hours of channeled recordings a Christian father, Joseph Moris, and his Spiritually Intuitive daughter, Marisa Moris, together bring you the Answers that they have been given by the "other side" to questions that we all have had at one time or another in our life such as:

Who are we?

Where do we come from?

Is there life after death?

Are we surrounded by passed loved ones?

Do Angels really exist?

Is Heaven real?

Who is God?

Do humans exist in other parts of the Universe?

In this first book by Joseph and Marisa on the subject of Answers from the "other side" you'll read about this "normal" family's journey through life not knowing that Marisa was a latent medium all along and how complications arose from her eventual gift to channel Heaven.

Marisa and Joe are two VERY different authors. Each contribute to this book for VERY different reasons: Joseph through Christianity and Marisa through Spirituality. But each have the same core belief....That belief is in understanding the light of Christ and what that means!! Answers explains in depth who "Christ" really is!!!

Answers is also a very easy read. Even a child of 12 will understand the subjects being exposed in this text. Anyone can comprehend the complicated information that the angels and guides have shared with Joe, through Marisa's trance channeling, for the past 2+ years.

As "they" have explained, Joseph has been given the task by "the other side" to metaphorically take "quantum physics" and reduce it to "simple math". Easily understanding the truth being revealed in this book will be, for you the reader, a life changing event!! We both hope you enjoy it!!
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