Author John Rossman
  John Rossman is a writer and author of the powerful and exciting new novel, “Our Second Child.” An avid reader and adventurist, he has traveled the country for the past 20 years, lending his characters and storylines a refreshingly authentic vibe. A double college graduate, former licensed educator and high school track coach, John has worked closely with a wide variety of families over the past decade. Writing from Southern Alabama, he continues to pursue his passion of being an author.


Our Second Child  Our Second "Child"
John Rossman
“You won, baby. You won for both of us. Our love filled my heart like a second child would have. I’ll never let that go, my sweet Jake. I’ll never let that go.” - Mara Rockman

If you could go back and change anything, would you? Or, would that change everything? In this sometimes comical, sometimes heart wrenching and always exciting novel, follow the Rockman family, as they are confronted with seemingly insurmountable obstacles throughout their life together. Set during the last meaningful week they would have with each other, Jake Rockman wills his way against cancer to be the father, grandfather, and husband that he wants everyone to remember when he is gone. Drawing from past experiences and flashbacks, “Our Second Child” is a voice for families dealing with, secondary infertility, cancer and health issues concerning their children. Wrapped in the beautiful scenery of the Alabama Gulf Shores, this love story is intense and refreshingly authentic.
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John Rossman

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