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  Peggy E. Bennitt is married to Harry Bennitt. The two of them have assisted people around the world in constructing schools, churches and setting examples of Christianity. They are a humble couple. They won't tell you that they have been tremendous diplomats for America.

Peggy's accounts in her books recall their experiences with Indigenous Natives (Kiowa Tribe) in Oklahoma, with African-Americans in South Carolina, with Hispanics in Lubbock, Texas. They also assisted in Sierra Leon to repair a storm damaged school in that African nation. (They shared many cultural aspects with the good folks there.) They also made nine visits to Russia to assist with teaching young folks of all ages.

Her books, she hopes, will be aids to helping others to travel the world and to spread Christianity.
Sherds a Memoire
Jule Moon
EVER WONDER what it's like in different cultures? The diversity is greater than one's imagination can consume.

We helped with construction for African Americans in Charleston, South Carolina; helped Kiowa Indians in Oklahoma; repaired a school in Sierra Leon, in West Africa. Our hardest adventure was in Russia.

In Kirov, Russia, Satka provided us a room on our nine visits there. We made many friends. They regarded us as Grandma and Grandpa. We survived the long ques for food and supplies. The weather was extremely cold. The politics were the harshest. Our friends and ourselves were under constant fear of government spies.

We ran away from many things; but in thirty years we learned that our Lord was always with us at all times.
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