Author Karen Bonvillain Bull
  Karen was born in New Orleans, Louisiana and moved to Baldwin County, Alabama with her family in 1992. She's married to Roger Bull (a poet and writer) and has two grown sons, Mathew and Paul, a "mature" dog (Baxter), a "toddler" dog (Ti Puen) and a mischievous cat (Kate). Her pets are rescue animals. The Bulls encourage everyone to support their local animal shelters.

Karen has always loved to read and write. She's published three books, "Who Was Benny Looter?" and "La Soulier Rouge, The Red Shoe" and "Keys, Clef & Redemption." She, also, has two short stories in "Fairhope Anthology" and two in "Fairhope Anthology - Second in a Series." Her latest short story, "Good Night My Angel," is new and in printed and Kindle formats. Now, she has a compilation of her Crescent City Crime Connection series plus a bonus short story in her latest book, "Crescent City Crime: The Trilogy."

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"I try to see life as an adventure, open to all possibilities." Karen lives by and encourages others to do the same.

Who Was Benny Looter, 1st edition
Who Was Benny Looter, 2nd edition
by Karen Bonvillain Bull
Anna gasped as she stumbled, flailed, then fell down to the white sand of the Gulf Shores beach. Shaking her head to clear it, she looked to see what had made her fall. A hand, just a hand, crooked fingers reaching out, broke through the wet sand. It was as if trying to dig through, had been the implement to halt Anna’s running feet.

Why would someone kill a widow who was well liked in the community, in contrast to her megalomaniac and arrogant husband?

An investigation by a former N.O.P.D. homicide detective turned genealogist finds a connection between the Gulf Shores, Alabama murder and organized crime in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The victim had hired him to uncover the history of her deceased husband, Benny Looter. He had been President/C.E.O. of Congressional Bank, a trustee of Autumn University, and a big time booster of the War Raptor football team. His aggressive and intrusive involvement in the selection of coaches, players and operations of the football team led to many controversies until his death.

What tied our victim’s death to organized crime? Take this time-traveling tour between the present and the past. See how historical evidence ties to this current murder.
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  Keys, Clef & Redmeption
Karen Bonvillain Bull
A non-stoppable force meets the fully kinetic energy. The diabolical mixture, of broken worlds colliding, make an unforgettable story.

Thrown together in the turmoil of a recovering New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, meet:
Keys – A young man, a savant, traumatized after witnessing a murder. Fighting his fears, trying to exist in a normal world, while dealing with his own unique challenges. 

Gabriella Noir – Head of the HFTF (Homes for the Future), Gabi’s fighting demons from a two year old tragedy. 

Sal Francione (first introduced in “Who Was Benny Looter”) deals with a past he had no control over. Out to help everyone, but can he forgive himself?

Rebuilding, redemption….In a city of lost souls, can forgiveness reign?

This is a murder mystery and romance mixed in a gumbo of culture, emotion, music, dance and culinary delights.
Karen Bonvillain Bull delivers a to-go menu of mixed emotions at a level higher than she has ever reached.
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  Crescent City Crime
Karen Bonvillain Bull
Reworked. Re-edited. Moving. Flowing. Like the river that bends around this old city, I flow with the changes in my stories to make them new again.

An old fashioned city with distinctly old cultures, a gumbo of Spanish, French, English, Creole, Irish, and other international influences, that is New Orleans. For all of her charm, architecture, art, music, culinary tastes, she is a lady filled with humanity... Human beings with choices..., to do good or evil.

Climb the clef notes and fly... or fall.

Eat to your heart's delight... or crawl under a bridge and try to survive.

Paint yourself into the world's museums... or into a corner with no escape.

Build a new world..., or collapse with the ruin of the derelicts.

The Big Easy is..., or it will be the crescent around your neck, dragging you under the eddies of the mighty Mississippi.

There are unmistakable charms and characters in this city. New Orleaneans have no match. Se la vie, cher! (That's life, precious!)
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  La Soulier Rouge / The Red Shoe
(Crescent City Crime, book 2 of 3)
by Karen Bonvillain Bull
Even in New Orleans, the good guys are hexed by juju. Especially in New Orleans. Sometimes death is the suspect in the prime of life…

He had grown up in the city of New Orleans and he knew all the back streets and alleys. It was this knowledge that he was relying on to save his life. He looked down at the growing red stain spreading on his shirt.

A loud blast sounded. He turned and watched in horror as the bullet moved through the air as if in slow motion before it hit its target. His body jerked up, then back downward from the impact, as he fell to the ground. Something was gently laid in his hand and then as if from very far away he heard the sound of pounding feet leaving him to die.

The judge was dead. Unbelievable. The news spread like wildfire. The Daily T P ‘s banner headline proclaimed the sad news. The news station carried the story of the body that was found in an alley. In an alley for Christ’s sake. Like a common drug addict, everyone said. How could this be? He was shot several times and left to die. Bled to death, alone.

What does this beloved judge, a long haired sexy dancer, and a feisty Cajun Grand-mere have in common? And what’s up with the red shoes? Hear the jazz, smell the cuisine as Jacob Boudreaux, a news journalist home after Katrina, travels through the famous French Quarter looking for answers.
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