Author Robert R. Maldonado
  Robert Maldonado is an energy healer and teacher who has dedicated himself to helping others discover their innate healing abilities and guiding them through life transitions. He has experienced many life transitions and roles himself as a student, husband, chemical sales-engineer, flight instructor, military officer and pilot, public school teacher, martial arts instructor, counselor and healer.

He is a retired U. S Air Force lieutenant colonel having spent the majority of his professional career as a U.S. Marine Corps helicopter pilot, and with the elite “Air Commandos” of the Air Force Special Operations Command. A former Command pilot with over 3,000 flight hours and squadron commander, he has flown the TH-57, UH-1E, T-34B, T-28B, CH-53A/D (Marine Corps); HH-53B/C, and MH53H/J (Air Force) aircraft.

Upon retirement, he taught elementary and middle school U.S. History and Mathematics before retiring from Fairfax County Public Schools in Virginia. He has lived in Germany, Venezuela, Peru, Mexico and has traveled the world and has a passion for discovering the beauty and honoring the sacred in all places and cultures he has visited.

Robert is also a Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner/Instructor; Certified Healing Touch Practitioner; Barbara Brennan Healing Science Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher; Shamanic Practitioner, Quantum Touch practitioner and a teacher of Integral Chinese Qigong and Tai Chi. He holds a PhD in Energy Medicine from Akamai University specializing in Spiritual healing and additional certifications in Education (K-8), Judo, Jujitsu and is an ordained minister and Sidha in Transcendental meditation. His academic background includes a PhD in Systems Analysis from Columbia Pacific University, PhD in Theocentric Psychology from La Salle University, and graduate degrees in education, business, religion, international relations, and psychology.

He is the author of “The Calling of the Heart: A Journey in Self-Healing” describing his personal experiences in transformation and healing, weaving together wonderful teachings from his life and journey’s in Peru, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Canada as an energy healer. Additionally, he is the author of “My Maori Experience: New Zealand 2007”; “A Spiritual Journey to the Sacred Land of Mystical Peru, 2008”; and, “A Healers Journey: My Return for the Deactivation of the 20th Special Operations Squadron and the Retirement of the United States Air Force MH-53M PAVELOW Helicopter.” Other published works include: “Counterinsurgency: Realities and Alternatives”; and “Planning the Air Campaign in Unconventional Warfare Operations” in Spanish while a United States Air Force Special Operations exchange officer with the Peruvian Air Force.

Robert has finished his first novel titled “Children of Atlantis: Keepers of the Crystal Skull”, an Indiana Jones style metaphysical adventure about an archeologist who discovers an ancient crystal skull on the bottom of Lake Titicaca only to find out that he about his past life in Atlantis, and a destiny to open sacred sites around the world using the skull for the ascension of the planet. Being pursued by the forces of darkness he invites the reader to follow him through his journal entries as he tries to explain how it all began and why he finds himself on his current quest. This novel also allowed Robert an opportunity to connect with the land of his childhood and rekindle those magical, transcendent and healing memories.

Robert is currently on the faculty of Akamai University as an adjunct professor of Complementary and Alternative Medicine and works as a writer, healer, and teacher. He resides in Fairhope, Alabama with his wife Ellen, dogs Buddy and Blue and cat Maggie.
  Flying with my Higher Self
by Robert R Maldonado
What would your life be like if an ascended master like Jesus or the Buddha came to earth, and you could have a personal conversation about everything... Everything, including life, death, the afterlife, the spiritual path, becoming a better person and realizing one's full potential? What if this being was to remind you of that ageless truth that you are your higher self? To listen to and trust the guidance in your life and follow its voice, so as to become acquainted with spiritual things in a way that was impossible without it? You are the pilot of your life and always, always remember that you are not flying alone.

One summer morning the author met Sam Watson, a helicopter pilot. The author's life changed forever.

Once upon a time, a helicopter pilot came to earth and proclaimed to be a master teacher of the Truth. The truth that humanity can realize their God-Nature by becoming their Higher Self...
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