Author Ron Meszaros
  Ron Meszaros is no stranger to moving boxes, new schools and new friends. Akron, Ohio. Phoenix, Arizona. Fontana, California. Baberton, Ohio. Suffield, Ohio. Fort Worth, Texas. Portage Lakes, Ohio. Athens, Ohio. Springfield, Missouri. Qui Nhon, Vietnam. Chicago, Illinois. San Francisco, California. Phoenix , Arizona (2). Running Springs, California. Malibu, California. Rogue River, Oregon. And now Fairhope, Alabama.

"Moving, like traveling, brings an air of excitement to one's life. You become comfortable around strangers, and you realize everyone has an interesting tale to tell. There is a sameness there on top, yet subtle differences are just under the surface. That is where I mine for stories. If you are a writer, you are a wise person to listen -- to collect. I do not enjoy talking about myself in those situations. I gain nothing, but their stories are indeed the gems. No writer can develop a story, a situation, or characters as rich as these. Certainly, it is no coincidence that the best writers are former reporters who went out to gather a story and returned with a notebook full of notes.
The Secret Life of David Goens
Ron Meszaros
In the postcard perfect small town of Fairhope Alabama nestled on the shores of Mobile Bay a young man quietly tunnels underground and into the privacy of his neighbors and then surprisingly back in time to a hidden love, revealing stories of those long gone. The seventeen year old girl who seeks his friendship is running from her past and searching for something to hold onto in the present. Is it truly David Goens? Or is he merely a way station? Can she heal her wounds with a love forbidden? Will he be strong enough to resist the temptation? And what mysteries lay buried in a small town that appears so perfect? Uncover secrets. Uncover the past. Uncover Love. This begins The Secret Life of David Goens. A life of unexpected discoveries and the effervescence of a young girl anxious to become a young woman.
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A Long Good Walk
Ron Meszaros
A nine-year-old boy, frightened by an overheard conversation, sets off on a remarkable self-sacrificing journey to shoot the man who would kill his grandmother, and by doing so would save two lives. Including his mother’s. But the obstacles that lie hidden in his path are not of this third grader’s understanding. How he copes with them and overcomes the nearly impossible task makes this day a day like no other. Along the way, he is befriended by an odd assortment of people who have no idea of his heroic odyssey, and in turn pose problems and lessons, life changing. His unique quietness, inquisitiveness, and resilience are his lone weapons against the forces that lie in his path. And it all happens one spring day in small town Barberton, Ohio. The day of a long good walk.
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