Author Shiela Smith
  I am one of two children and the only daughter of Leslie Ray Charping. After sharing an abusive childhood with my brother, I went on to pursue a family of my own with the love of my life.

I have seven kids, three of my own, three step kids, an adopted daughter and a fur baby that I love. I have advocated for the disabled for the last sixteen years.

I am a loyal friend, a dedicated wife and always root for the underdog.

I have learned that no matter how you feel about yourself, there is always someone out there looking for someone just like you.
Brutal Obituary
by Shiela Smith
A Galveston man died and the news of his eulogization received worldwide attention. Millions begged to know how could someone write such a scathing obituary full of brutal honesties. Domestic abuse, drinking, drugs and mental illness along with a criminal history soon to be told by a survivor..., courageous enough to defy her abuser and rise above. Everyone loves a success story so if you're a victim of abuse, you'll be inspired, but if you're an abuser - you'll want to hide.
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